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Since I was young, I have bought over 100 pairs of converses through the years. I love them, I probably could live without my converses.

However, my last two pairs were total POS! I have bought a pair of white leather high top, made in Indonesia, they leaked at the first wear from wet streets. I was careful not to use them in the rain. Finally, they leaked so bad, I trashed them.

I went and bought a brand new pairs of exact shoes, Lo and behold, they freaking leak at the same places with wet streets. Not even raining. Both pairs leaked at the front of the shoes.

I am so pissed beyond pissed. Damn it!

Product or Service Mentioned: Converse All Star Shoes.

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There is a name for people who place irrational value on inanimate objects. Some even have a fetish : QUOTE " bought over 100 pairs of converses through the years.

I love them". Do they return your love ? I haven't owned 100 pairs of shoes in my 7 decade life and can't imagine wasting so much money. Why don't you contribute some of that to charity ?

Or at least some cause other than your personal vanity.

All of the orthwhile things that need attention and the only attention you care about is people (NOT) caring about your shoes. Sad.

to Harper #1627891

He is selfish and vain, right. Wasteful too. Doesn't have anything or anyone to worry about except himself.

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