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I tried several times, before today, to complete this review/posting and have been extremely busy and was faced with a family emergency. I was not at all concerned with the survey for the *** 5% off my next $20 purchase shown on the receipt. I just want to voice how our local Converse store treats their customers.

I had gone into the Converse outlet store (#0045) in Sparks, Nevada on 3/30/2016 to purchase some items that caught my eye. First, let me state that my husband and I have always bought converse and were content, prior to this event, with their service and selection. Also, my husband and I make $90k annually, have six daughters that we used to buy converse products for and are ARE the farthest thing from liars you could find! We are in a very large motorcycle club with charters all over the US and I will make it known how rude, accusatory and out of line Converse “Managers” are.

I purchased some items, including some shoe laces at 6:13pm. I went to my car, put the bag in my car and went straight to an appointment I had scheduled for 6pm that I was obviously late for. I didn't get home until after 9pm that evening from my appointment.

The bag of items I had purchased never went anywhere except from store, to my car, and into my house. I was excited to show my husband what I purchased as we had a large event to attend that weekend. When I got home that night I went straight to the kitchen table to lay out the items. I was very excited, as *** as it may seem, about these sparkly shoe laces I had purchased that we specific to our mc colors. When I emptied the bag, there were no shoe laces. I went out and scoured the car and area around the car, had my kids do the same, and then came in and searched the area where I set the bag down, again and did the same again for the third time. I repeated this the next morning to just make sure it wasn’t my error. I also had my husband and children look just in case I overlooked something. Oh, btw, these “nowhere to be found” shoe laces were $4.

I took the receipt with me to work and called the Converse store as soon as it opened (9am). I first had a girl answer the phone who was obviously in training. She completely stuttered and bombed the initial answering to the point she didn't even state the store name. That's ok though - we have all been there. I explained my situation in length and asked the best way to go about getting the laces that were obviously never put in my bag. She said she needed to speak to the manager and put me on hold. When she returned, stuttering again to be confident in her delivery, she stated "my manager said to bring the receipt into the store and “we can run through the camera feed to see what happened". My first thought was this is BS. They don't have cameras. I also thought it was extremely rude that they weren't offering any apology or concern when THEY messed up and off the top are accusing me of lying.

I left work around 6pm on 3/31/16 and headed straight to Converse (store #0045) to get reimbursed for the missing shoelaces, which I just wanted replaced and no money returned. I walked in the store at 6:28pm. I kept a log of this interaction on my cell phone. There was a male employee there when I walked in (mind you, I was dressed in complete business attire) checking out some other shoppers. He looked up at me and seemed put out that he had another customer walk in and didn’t say any greeting such as “Hi, welcome to Converse” but continued on. I looked around while waiting. He finished with his checkout and I was checking out some more discount items. While I browsed, he stared so rudely and eyed me so disgustingly to the point I was uncomfortable. I have to add, he was not a well put together person and looked like he hadn’t showered in a few days, but whatever, to each his own. He then asked me if there was something specific I was looking for. I said, “actually, there is”. I told him my situation and about my call this morning.

His response: “Who said we have camera’s” in a condescending voice. He made some other rude comments like I was lying and referenced “ that the other manager would never state that”. I stated at that time that I wasn’t trying to pull one over on him I just wanted the laces and I would leave. His response “Well, I don’t know what you want me to do about it” in the rudest voice I have ever heard and mind you, again, he is the MANAGER. I said “I want the laces replaced”. He said there was no way for him to verify if I received them or not except to take inventory. He stated “I can take inventory if you know which ones they were but that will take some time”. F’ing *** – they are on the receipt! I said yep “The sparkly blue 45in. laces and I can wait”. He walked over to the rack, did a quick count. Then went back to the register and acted like he was doing something with the calculator and the register screen. After 5-10 min. of this he looked at me and said he had to go to the back to complete the inventory, with his voice implying that I was probably too tired of waiting to continue this process. I waited for a good 10+ minutes more while was he was in the back………”completing inventory”.

I didn’t realize there were any other employees working, however, while I was waiting a nice young woman asked if I needed assistance with anything. She could tell I was frustrated at this point. I said no thank you but asked her “what is that man’s name and he is the manager correct?” She answered “His name is Bill and yes, he is the manager.” I thanked her.

About 2 minutes later “Bill” walked out of the back. He came up to the register counter, put out and pissed he actually had to work and use physical labor to walk to the back supply room. He said “Well, it was inconclusive and I have no choice, I guess, but to give you a replacement pair of laces” (like it’s some science/dna test) and he handed me a pair of shoe laces. He asked if there was anything else I needed and I turned and left.

Never ever been have I been treated like this at a retail establishment that I frequent. Never will I buy Converse again either from this location as the only nice employee was the sweet girl who had to work with that nasty troll, Bill! I assume Converse doesn’t care about this as they feel there are enough locations they won’t go under. I can be positive that this is NOT the first time “Bill” has been reported for his actions and service.

As I stated, we have a MASSIVE amount of friends throughout several states, and also Canada. I will make sure that all are aware that the Converse store, and it’s said employee(s), are not customer friendly and are so cheap as to not believe someone regarding a $4 pair of shoelaces! Sad that society feels so entitled and allows the “liars”, “thieves”, etc. to have the control on everyone and assume we are all this way!

Reviewer is in unhappy mood. This person stated that there is a room for improvement of complete lack of customer service and could not compensate me for their errors. Please immediately contact the author of this review to discuss poor customer service of converse shoelaces and associated monetary loss in the amount of $4. Converse needs to "nothing but to make sure this is addressed as a corporation because there are still people who would like good customer service" according to poster's claims.

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